Traffic (feat. Stewie)

by MH the Verb

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About the Single: Traffic - MH the Verb (feat. Stewie)
(Produced by Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble)

Traffic is the first single off of my new project, Afronaut. The song itself addresses the American obsession with commercialism and money using traffic as a metaphor for how many feel in our capitalist society - simply stuck while trying to move forward. Whether it's unmanageable student loans, a poor job market, or lack of access to cash and credit, I've learned from my time working in the banking industry that most people have goals to improve their financial status in our society, but for most the system is our enemy. Over the years I’ve been trying to help educate and inform young people (especially young artists) on the importance of financial education through events and workshops, and I hope this song inspires some to think about the traps of being all consumed by material things.

In the video, we took this opportunity to introduce the thematic symbol and concept for the Afronaut (embodied by model/artist, Minkah Taharkah). The visuals, directed by MB Nealy and featuring animation by Annalise Murphy, depict our mythical hero exploring the Earth as she surfaces on the beach and wonders into the forest. The video was shot in multiple locations throughout California’s Bay Area using iconic scenery from the beaches of Tennessee Cove, the legendary red wood forest of Muir Woods, and the famous graffiti and street art of San Francisco’s Clarion Alley in the Mission neighborhood. This is the first installment of our multi-media series for the project. Stay tuned for more of the Afronaut.


On the edge of Providence
The abyss seems bottomless
Black hole So deep fits a hippopotamus
Bank accounts so weak
I bet economist
Dont speak/ On Wall Street
So they stay anonymous
But I know
Like Jokers
Whiskey sippin cigar smokers
They High rollers
Devil in flames
Wit No capital gains
Homeland Claire Danes
Dow crashin like Airplanes
Sittin first class pimpin
Wine glass sippin
Concierge move the bags
Still No tippin
Escalade whippin
Bass up in the system
Low End Theory
Hear me... but u aint listenin
Justa kid wita arrow tryina shoot down stars
Asked moms for a BB gun to shoot down mars
But it still too far
Cars creep, drive slow on my street
Beep! Beep! Who got the keys to the Jeep

Sittin in TRAFFIC
Cant get passed these streets
Sittin in TRAFFIC
We've got places to be
Sittin in TRAFFIC
Might as well roll up these trees
Sittin in TRAFFIC
Feels like we never gon' leave

American dreams is the rhetoric
Bought by American teens
When they sellin it
Just like American jeans
Off the Gap discount rack
Bein American means, screw the world
They celibate
Spoken Elegant
Science breeds Elements
Walked in the room
Name tag reads The Elephant
Heaven sent/ Ever Since
I woke up with evidence
Aliens love whisky... So Jim Beam me up!


released August 4, 2017
Written & Performed by: MH the Verb
Prod. by: Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble(Captain Coolout Music/ ASCAP)
Art Photography by: MB Nealy
Art Editing by: MH the Verb (balloonUP LLC)
Recorded by: Dave Humes (Dave Humes Studio)
Mixed by: George "Cylon" Casseus (Digital Harmonix)
Mastered by: Jeff Ryan (Jeff Ryan Audio)



all rights reserved


MH the Verb Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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